Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How To Hack Any Facebook Account Without NO Keyloging Pishing

Hello Friends,
Well I will give you a new tip to hack Facebook Account.

How to hack any facebook account easily by Reverting/Reseting pass of your victim NO keyloging pishing required

Here is one more interesting tip on how to hack a Facebook account by the method of reverting the password.This method does not involve any skill or anything just a brain would be enough to get you through this trick ! Well,you might think that it is impossible but it is actually true that you can hack any facebook account ! So before we start i would like to tell you what “Reverting” actually means…

What is Reverting ?

Reverting is the process of resetting a password without the knowledge of the actual user ! So this is basically a low level of hacking but it does the job for you !

How Do I Hack My Friend’s Facebook ?

Make sure your not logged in to your account.If you are then make sure you sign out and then follow the following methods

1. Go to this link:

That is the form that you will be using in order to hack your user.

2. Then in “Your E-mail Address” type your E-mail address.

3. Then apply the following options as in the image below.

4. Once you have done that,You will have a question asking “Email associated with the compromised account.” – In that just type “No” and nothing else other than that !

5. In “Your contact email address.” – Type your own email for you to receive the Password Reset Link.

6. In the “Full Name of the Account.” – Type the Name of your victim if you know.If you don’t then:

a. Try finding the Name of the victim by just searching his/her e-mail on Facebook.
b. If that doesn’t work then google the E-mail address of your Victim,that might give you some details.
c. If that also doesn’t work then use the following sites to get them

So if you follow one of the above methods you should be getting the Full Name of your victim.Now lets move on to the next step

7. ”Date Of Birth” – In this column you have to enter the Birthday of your Victim.If you know him personally then you should be knowing it.If not you can just social engineer him and somehow make him tell it.Once you get it you have to enter it in that.

8. ”URL (web address) of your compromised profile.” – This is just the profile URL of your Victim which can be got easily(Usually of the form:

9. Now your all set ! Before you submit the form just make sure you recheck the whole form if you have done the right thing.Once you do so just click on “Submit”

10. Thats it ! You have done it ! Now you just have to wait for Facebook team to look up for your request ! Once they approve it they will send a link to reset your victim’s Password ! :D
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hack Hotmail Account

Hello Friends,
It is now possible and it is easy hack Hotmail Email Password. This method has been successful for atleast 3 out of 5 times. This is how it is done:

STEP 1- Log in to your own hotmail account. (Note: Your account must be at least 30 days old for this to work.)

STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose an e-mail to <>.  This is a mailing address to the Hotmail Super User. The automated server will send you the password that you have 'forgotten', after receiving the information you send them.

STEP 3- In the subject line exactly type PASSWD.

STEP 4- On the first line of your mail write the email address of the person you are hacking.

STEP 5- On the second line type in the e-mail address you are using.

STEP 6- On the third line type in the password of your email address (your own password). The computer needs your password so it can send a Java Script from your account in the Hotmail  Server to extract the other email addresses password. In other words the system automatically checks your password to confirm the integrity of your status. Remember you are sending your password to a machine. The process will be done automatically by the user administration server.

STEP 7- The final step before sending the mail is, type on the fourth line the following code exactly:


Thus for example, if your hotmail id is and your password is daaviidd and the email address you want to hack is then compose the mail as below:

Subject: PASSWD

The password will be sent to your inbox in a mail called "System Reg Message" from Hotmail Super User usually within 4-5 hrs.


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Friday, 3 January 2014

How to protect Facebook account from being hacked?

Hello Friends,
I have been telling about lots of hacking tricks. This blog is to help you to protect your Facebook Account from being hacked.

Hacking of Facebook Account

#1. Its very easy to hack a Facebook account, If you are ignorant about the page URL. Many phishers around the Web create a page which will exactly look like the Facebook login page. If you login using that page, Your account will be in the hands of some Tom, Dick or Harry. So always check the URL of the page before logging in.

Facebook Login Page 550x149 How to Prevent Hacking of Facebook Account

#2. Visiting Links which are shared by your Friends. This would be also a cause of Hacking of Facebook account. So, Double check when you are visiting a link shared by your friends. If you think its a good clean link, then proceed.
Links on Facebook How to Prevent Hacking of Facebook Account

#3. Do you think, Your Facebook account is being accessed by anyone? Get Notified when your Facebook account is logged in from a different place.
How to do this?
1. Login to your Facebook account, Click on Account and navigate to Account Settings.
2. Under Account Security, Check Send me an email, If a new computer or mobile device logs into this account. You can also Check Send me a text message, If you have added a mobile device.
Account Security on Facebook 550x206 How to Prevent Hacking of Facebook Account

    Additional Tip: Also enable HTTPS secure browsing.

HTTPS on Facebook How to Prevent Hacking of Facebook Account

#4. Avoid using Spam Applications. Don’t try to use an application which you don’t know or seen some of your friends using. To View/Edit applications which you are using, Go to Applications Settings page.

    Additional Tip: Remove Applications which you are not using now.

Account Security on Facebook 550x206 How to Prevent Hacking of Facebook Account

#5. Always use a complex and very strong Password. A combination of Alphabets, Numbers and Special Characters is an unbeatable or unguessable password. Avoid using your Name, Girl Friends name, Your Mobile number etc., in your password as these are easily guessable.

#6. Don’t accept requests from the people you don’t know. Avoid adding people you don’t know to your friends list. If he/she is a Mutual Friend then you can add.

#7. Regularly scan your Computer with some Anti-Spyware or Anti-Malware tools. Some of the recommended tools are Panda Active Scan, Trend Micro Housecall

Thus these are the 7 Basic as well as Best possible ways for preventing and stopping the Hacking of Facebook Account.

Well This Blog was to help you to protect your Facebook Account not to hack others. Its depends on you how you use this trick/Knowledge.
Perhaps Enjoy :) And I will teach you much more :D :)

How To Hack Facebook Account ?

Hello Friends, 
I will show you a new trick to hack Facebook Through Source Page. This is not so difficult but its interesting and I hope u will enjoy it :) 

How to hack Facebook account and what are its preventive measures

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: View the source page and  Save the login page of Facebook (shortcut:press ctrl+S)

Step 3: Now 2 things would have been saved in your computer with the name "Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More"

Step 4: Right click on the saved file with name "Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More.htm" and open it with notepad

Step 5: Now search where the word action is written in it for the first time (shortcut:press ctrl+F then type action in it and then press enter).

Step 6: Now after action you will see action="" id="login_form"

Step 7: Now replace that line with action=""

Step 8: Now replace the line with your email-id where you want to recieve the password.

Step 9: Save the notepad(shortcut: ctrl+s).

Step 10: Now just put this page on your Desktop who so ever will login from this will be hacked. You will be having his/her password in your email-id or the other option you have is that upload this page on a free web hosting site where you can upload both these pages and if you have your own website you can upload this on that and send the link to others.    bingoooooooo..:).

Note: Remember both the files will be moved together which you saved with the name "Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More" and you can rename the file with the name "Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More.htm" but not that folder.

This trick was for educational purpose only and the preventive measure is that always see the URL of the site(Complete URL if site has url then also its fake not genuine.).

Have Fun Guys :) 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Facebook Account Hack Software

Hello Friends,
I was telling you about Facebook hacking. Well I have a software which works 100%. You just have to put the profile link of the victim and leave the rest to the software. Well as I am doing software engineering and I know people mostly search for Facebook hacking software so I made a 100% working software Facebook Account hacking software which can also Hack any profile. It will tell you the email address and password. If anyone is interested in buying this software do contact me. You can reply me here or add me on Skype.

Skype: jibooo786

Facebook_Hacker_Pro Software

Hello Friends,
I was telling you about Facebook hacking. Well I have a software which works 100%. You just have to put the profile link of the victim and leave the rest to the software. Well as I am doing software engineering I made a 100% working software which can Hack any profile. It will tell you the email address and password. If anyone is interested in buying this software do contact me. You can reply me here or add me on Skype.

Skype: jibooo786

Hack Facebook Account Using SysLogger(Keyslogger)

Hello friends!
I’m here again with a new blog about how to hack a Facebook account using a key logger. It’s very simple and easy.All you need to do is to read the below blog carefully!.. :)
Okay,so lets get started !

What’s a key logger ?

Key logger is a program which you will send to your victim and once he/she opens it.It will record all the keystrokes  (i.e what he/she types on keyboard) and then it will send those keystrokes to your email account.

How to send key logger to your Victim?

For this,first you need to download a key logger software which has the feature of remote installation.There are many key loggers available on internet (you can Google them) but the one I recommend is SysLogger.
It’s an epic key logger. It has many features like stealing saved passwords,deleting the victim’s cookies,disabling task manager etc.. And the best thing about it is that it’s totally free! :D
It is created by a coder of HF (Hack Forums).
  • So download syslogger(key logger) from here (
  • When you download it,you will get a rar file.Extract its contents.
  • Next,open Syslogger Builder.exe and do all the settings like this :

  • Then click on “Build Server” and it will ask  you that where you want to save your server and which name do you want to give it.
  • So give it any name and save it.Now you will get your server file.This is the file that you will send to your victim.
That’s it!
Next,send this file to your friend or anyone you want to hack  via Skype or something and once he/she opens it,you will start receiving his/her key logs to your g mail account (that account which’s email and pass you entered while building your server)  :D.
You can also use a crypter to crypt your key logger and bypass antivirus detection.
Update : I’m offering a crypting service now. The crypt will be totally FUD. You can check the Services Page for it .
The logic behind using a key logger is that during this your victim might login to his/her  Facebook account and when he/she does so that keystrokes will be also recorded and will be sent to your g mail account and once they are sent so you know what happens :D !
You can use your evil mind then :)
Okay so that was about the use of key loggers etc i.e. how do they work and how to hack a Facebook account via key logger.
You can also hack g mail,yahoo,AOL etc and much more accounts like this :D
P.S I don’t want that this tutorial should be used for illegal purposes and I will not be responsible for the actions. Best of luck and enjoy :D