Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hack Facebook Account Using SysLogger(Keyslogger)

Hello friends!
I’m here again with a new blog about how to hack a Facebook account using a key logger. It’s very simple and easy.All you need to do is to read the below blog carefully!.. :)
Okay,so lets get started !

What’s a key logger ?

Key logger is a program which you will send to your victim and once he/she opens it.It will record all the keystrokes  (i.e what he/she types on keyboard) and then it will send those keystrokes to your email account.

How to send key logger to your Victim?

For this,first you need to download a key logger software which has the feature of remote installation.There are many key loggers available on internet (you can Google them) but the one I recommend is SysLogger.
It’s an epic key logger. It has many features like stealing saved passwords,deleting the victim’s cookies,disabling task manager etc.. And the best thing about it is that it’s totally free! :D
It is created by a coder of HF (Hack Forums).
  • So download syslogger(key logger) from here (
  • When you download it,you will get a rar file.Extract its contents.
  • Next,open Syslogger Builder.exe and do all the settings like this :

  • Then click on “Build Server” and it will ask  you that where you want to save your server and which name do you want to give it.
  • So give it any name and save it.Now you will get your server file.This is the file that you will send to your victim.
That’s it!
Next,send this file to your friend or anyone you want to hack  via Skype or something and once he/she opens it,you will start receiving his/her key logs to your g mail account (that account which’s email and pass you entered while building your server)  :D.
You can also use a crypter to crypt your key logger and bypass antivirus detection.
Update : I’m offering a crypting service now. The crypt will be totally FUD. You can check the Services Page for it .
The logic behind using a key logger is that during this your victim might login to his/her  Facebook account and when he/she does so that keystrokes will be also recorded and will be sent to your g mail account and once they are sent so you know what happens :D !
You can use your evil mind then :)
Okay so that was about the use of key loggers etc i.e. how do they work and how to hack a Facebook account via key logger.
You can also hack g mail,yahoo,AOL etc and much more accounts like this :D
P.S I don’t want that this tutorial should be used for illegal purposes and I will not be responsible for the actions. Best of luck and enjoy :D

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  1. Hi this is a nice tutorial but... If i open it it says error is that normal, does that not works for your self? but yes to other's computer? pls reply :)